The finest hand made Hammocks in the World

Hammock Stands

Our hammock stands are made from galvanized steel which is light in weight and very strong. They are available in white, black, custard yellow and a metallic light green. If these colours are not suitable let us know and we can come up with an alternative colour specially for you!!

Our hammock stands are very simple to put together and are designed to enable you to break down into 5 parts in less than 5 minutes with a gentle twist and pull. So why not take your hammock camping, to the beach or even show it off at a friends house, use it as a bed or simply to enjoy a therapeutic memorable day. We guarantee your satisfaction with your hammock and hammock stand. Read our customers testimonials.


You don't need to worry about how or where you are going to hang your hammock. If you don't have 2 trees in your garden, or want to use your hammock in the open air, just use one of our hand made hammock stands.



Everybody loves a hammock!

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