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How to look after your hammock.Our Debs swinging  in her favourite hammock

Looking after your hammock is as easy as looking after any 100% cotton garment. It is of course fully washable and with the proper care it deserves, should last you for many many happy and relaxed years! we have met people who still have their hammock after 9 years, 18 years and they are still in prefect working order. Although hammocks will fade, like all cotton garments, when exposed to the sun.

To Machine Wash
We recommend that you first grasp each end loop then bring them together, tie a knot just under the loop ends and again in the middle. this will prevent the Hammock from becoming tangled. Put it into a pillow cover and put into the wash machine, along with a mild detergent and cold water, taking care in the same way you do with any 100% cotton garment.

To Hand Wash
First grasp each end loop then bring them together, halving the hammocks length, then tie a piece of string around the bottom of the loop ends to prevent tangling. Then half the hammock again by bringing one end to the other and again tie a piece of string around the middle. Immerse the hammock in warm water with a little mild detergent, rub gently until the hammock is clean, rinse and hang to dry.

To Store
Fold the hammock in half lengthways, tie the 2 loop ends together and then fold in half again, until you are left with a small package, store in a dry place.

There are some small, common sense precautions you should take with your hammock, such as;

  • Take care with sharp objects, as string breakages can be caused if common sense is not applied.
  • Cotton Hammocks should not be left outdoors for long stretches of time, especially in the rain.
  • Cut, broken or burned cords can be repaired by knotting the ends to stop them fraying.
  • Smoking in your hammock is not a good idea!
  • Ensure your hammock is completely dry before storing. To prevent the cotton from deteriorating.


There is lots more information in our Frequently Asked Questions section (F.A.Q's) or you can always give us a call on the number below, we would be delighted to help and answer any of your questions.



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